ARIZ & Co. in Stuttgart

 In the year of science, the joint project KoMo (Competence montage – collaborative and versatile) was presented at an event which is called “Workplaces of the Future” on 4th and 5th of December in Stuttgart. The projects ARIZ, ROKOKO und KomPI were exhibiting with a trade show and organised a session to the topic of[…]

ARIZ celebrates “digital” in Aachen

On 28/29th of September 2018 the Digital Festival took place in the Technologiezentrum (Technology Centre) in Aachen. Visitors were invited to be part of the festival for free. They could experience recent developments and products as well as future ideas and discuss with experts. ARIZ was part of the festival and attracted several interested visitors[…]

Our Future

In four weeks a great event is in Aachen: You are getting answers concerning your everyday life in about seven years. How is our workplace going to be? How are we going to live? How is mobility going to change? These and more interesting subjects are being discussed on 28th and 29th of September in[…]

ARIZ in the Media

The DGB (Federation of German Trade Unions) recently published an interesting podcast with the topic of the future working world. What will happen in the future office? What will happen in the future manufacturing sector? Several researchers from various fields were interviewed about these questions. Sarah Müller-Abdelrazeq, a researcher of ARIZ, was also interviewed and[…]

Home of ARIZ is place of the future

The German ministry for education and science is addressing working life of the future. In this context the RWTH Aachen University, i.e. including the project ARIZ, is listed as a place of the future of the Science Year 2018, since important questions of the working life of tomorrow are being examined in Aachen. Here, you[…]

ARIZ in Stuttgart

After the meeting of coordinators at the end of April, a meeting of the consortium on 7th and 8th of May followed. All project partners of ARIZ as well as the project sponsor met at Festo Didactic in Denkendorf, Stuttgart. Building on the discussion of current results of projects, focus was on concretising milestones for[…]

KoMo meets in Aachen

On 24th and 25th of April 2018 the second meeting of coordinators of KoMo (competence of montage – collaborative and adaptive) took place in Aachen. ARIZ is part of the KoMo group which is concerned with development, design and implementation of innovative solutions for the montage of complex piece goods. Apart from interesting keynote speeches,[…]

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